It all began in 1933 within a pharmacy in the town of Lure, in north-eastern France. Joseph Frechin merged his dispensary with a business manufacturing pharmaceutical specialities for people under the name “Laboratoires biochimiques de l’Est”. He had the intuition of an entrepreneur and started using the antiseptic properties of oxyquinoline to treat animals. The remedy, baptised Vétoquinol, quickly made a name for itself, and Joseph Frechin added a veterinary department to his laboratory. By 1970, to the immense satisfaction of veterinarians, the catalogue included over 250 products.


  • Reliable Top-quality products and experienced employees for proven trust

  • Flexible A human dimension for swift and effective decision making

  • Reassuring Active attentiveness to understand and meet the needs of customers around the world

  • Forward moving A deep-seated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement for shared growth


Since then, Vetoquinol has continued to develop and to offer medicines and innovative solutions to its clients. Our desire to grow and expand internationally enabled us to generate, from the 1980s onwards, 20% of our revenues outside France. Vetoquinol created its first subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium. In 2004, we set up in China, then in 2009 in India with the creation of a new subsidiary, followed by another in Brazil in 2011. In 2014, thanks to the acquisition of Bioniche Animal Health, Vetoquinol is now directly present in Australia. In 2006, stock market flotation allowed the group to increase its international profile, and this has become a real asset. Today, with 140 distributors and a direct presence in 24 countries, in Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region, with our 2,000 employees, we have built a global network which allows us to be close to our clients all over the world.

The strong roots of Vetoquinol are the basis for of our culture, and this has been the case since our Group first started out. The same passion, energy, and commitment can be found in all our teams: scientific, industrial, commercial and administrative. Each employee, wherever he/she is in the world, is proud to contribute to Vetoquinol’s shared effort: enhancing animal health for the well-being of animals and people. From the start, Vetoquinol’s growth has drawn on strong values that guide the actions and decisions of each employee while unifying teams at an international level. Our relationship with our clients and suppliers, throughout the world, is based on honesty and loyalty.

Vetoquinol’s experience and values enable it to remain in permanent contact with its clients. On a daily basis, all our teams work towards the same goal: to listen, understand and respond to the needs of our clients, wherever they are in the world. The relationship with our veterinary clients goes beyond the products themselves, we are partners with them in their daily work and provide them with services to improve the care they provide for animals. Our values, history and actions contribute to making Vetoquinol the legitimate partner of vets on a daily basis. We also want to help the vet to better serve their clients: livestock farmers and owners of pets.

Vetoquinol has made the decision to remain an independent company, free to make its own decisions and take a long-term approach to investment and growth. Our human size and our family shareholding enable us to be more flexible and responsive.


Top-quality products and experienced employees for proven trust

A deep-seated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement for shared growth