Why You Should Put Your Trust in Vetoquinol to Improve Your Animal’s Health

Vétoquinol is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory that develops over 700 veterinary medicines for both livestock and companion animals. Vetoquinol products are sold all over the world through a network of 140 distributors.

In the UAE, Primo Veterinary Medicine is the sole distributor of Vetoquinol medicines.

Vetoquinol products account for a significant share of the world’s animal healthcare medicines. Vetoquinol is the 9th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. And it is the third largest pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated exclusively to animal health.

Vetoquinol is a family-owned company with over 80 years of history and experience. It started with a single medicinal product for animals back in 1933, called Vetoquinol. The medicine became an instant success, rapidly going on to become available in many forms: tablets, powder, gel, candles, vaginal cartridges and creams.

Now, this booming family-owned company employs 1,600 people and creates over 700 veterinary medicines.  It is internationally recognized and has been accepted as one of the top 3 veterinary pharmaceuticals in Europe for anti-infective injectables for livestock animals.

With its roots in innovation and invention, Vetoquinol has a dedicated team of 150 employees who conduct pioneering research on the development of new veterinary drugs.

In the research process for veterinary drugs, Vetoquinol researchers seek pharmaceutical formulas that are easy for vets, livestock farmers and pet owners to administer. Once a drug receives marketing authorization (which means the drug meets health requirements in terms of quality, safety and efficacy), Vetoquinol continues to monitor the safety and efficacy of its drugs.

Vetoquinol’s veterinary pharmaceutical products are targeted mainly towards companion animals, such as cats and dogs, and livestock, such as cows. When it partnered with Equistro in 2001, Vetoquinol expanded its reach to include a wide range of medicinal products and food supplements designed to promote horse health and well-being.

Vetoquinol’s products are organized around the following domains: anti-infective, reproduction, pain inflammation, behavior, hygiene and care, internal medicine, parasiticides, and cardiology-nephrology. These domains encompass the entire scope of animal health and wellness, from prevention to intervention.

Their scientifically developed, veterinarian-approved animal health products are approved by health regulatory organizations and animals around the world.

Vetoquinol’s globally recognized name has become one that veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners can put their trust behind.