Vetoquinol® Tolfedine® 6mg

Vetoquinol® Tolfedine® 6mg

Dosage for each species, route and method of administration:
4 mg tolfenamic acid per kg body weight (equivalent to 1 tablet TOLFEDINE 6 mg per 1.5 kg Kw) per day with the diet for 3 days.
At the end of treatment, the vet should re-examine the animal.

Interaction with other agents:
The product should not be used simultaneously or at intervals of less than 24 hours with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Certain NSAIDs bind strongly to the plasma proteins and compete with other strong binding agents, so that toxic effects are possible. Concomitant treatment with potentially nephrotoxic agents should be avoided.

Special precautions for disposal of unused product or waste material, if necessary:
Unused veterinary medicinal products should preferably be given to pollutant collection centers. When disposed of together with household waste, it must be ensured that no improper access to this waste can occur. Veterinary medicinal products must not be disposed of with the wastewater or through the sewage system.



Instructions for use

Name of veterinary medicinal product:
tablets for dogs and cats
Tolfenamic acid Indication

Cats: For symptomatic fever reduction.
Dogs: Acute relapses in chronic musculo-skeletal disorders.

Target Species (s):
Dog, Cat Package Use Information 

March 2010

Further Information:
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Packs of 10, 20, 100 or 200 Tablets
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