Equistro® EPF 10

Equistro® EPF 10

Cooling gel for relaxation of the locomotor apparatus. Post workout limb relaxation. EPF 10 is a gel for external application only, which relaxes and reactivates the body parts that are constantly solicited during physical activity (joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles).



Demineralised water, Propanol, Witch Hazel extract, Magnesium sulphate, Thymol, Potassium chloride, Aluminium sulphate, Sodium sulphate, Potassium iodate.


Massage in deeply. Bandage afterwards, if required. Will not burn on blistered skin. Do not apply on damaged or broken skin.


520ml bottle, external use


EPF 10 is a unique combination of active substances and is free of etheric oils like camphor, menthol, rosemary oil, etc. and does not contain colouring substances.

An association of witch hazel and electrolytes, EPF 10 has a neutral pH. It acts via natural osmosis, according to the princip of equilibrium between an excessive limb temperature and dissipated heat via liquid evaporation.

EPF 10 insures real localised temperature reduction with an immediate effect. Its action is reinforced by witch hazel and its astringent effect.

EPF 10 cools, relaxes and reactivates tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles of horses that have been under constant strain. Can be used before, during and after exercise.