Equistro has been supporting healthy horses for over 30 years and across the globe.

Founded in Germany in 1986, Equistro has enjoyed tremendous success from a humble beginning. After becoming a part of Vetoquinol – one of the world’s top ten manufacturers of veterinary medicines – in 2001, Equistro soon became the go-to veterinary medicine for horse health.

In 2011, Equistro rebranded its product line. With a single glance at the icons on the packaging, horse riders and veterinarians are able to view and understand the information about the product and the corresponding recommended dosages to be administered.

By 2013, Equistro was being distributed in over 50 countries. And in 2014, Equistro became the official supplier of the French Equestrian Federation and many champion riders, including Andrew Hoy, William Fox-Pitt & Ingrid Klimke.

This year saw Equistro enter the veterinary markets of the United States and Canadian, sealing its position as a global leader in equine health.

Equistro products are perfectly tailored to meet each specific horse’s unique needs. Their comprehensive product line promotes the entire range of horse health and wellness, from supporting horse vital signs to enhancing racing performance. Even the appearance and smell of Equistro products are made with the horses’ tastes in mind. Horses are known to be rather difficult, but accept Equistro medicines with ease.

The company’s wide selection of product categories range from immune support, vitamins, digestive support and respiratory care, to joint and hip support, and healthy coat and hoof development.

When Equistro entered the UAE veterinary industry in 20XX, it was a game changer for the country’s racing horses and riding horses. Equistro has been providing affordable, easily accessible equine nutrition supplements and medicines to some of the nation’s most prized possessions.

Equistro’s arrival to the UAE veterinary market is particularly timely, as more and more evidence is revealing the negative impact that dust particles in the air have on horse’s respiratory systems. As a desert climate, the UAE has no shortage of dust, with particulate matter considerably high in some parts of the country.

Bottom line, Equistro products are designed, developed and manufactured with the horses’ well-being as the top priority. They use premium quality ingredients with a high biological value. Their products are manufactured to meet the nutritional requirements of horses. And they use a bio-efficient formulation. This means Equistro’s products are biologically in tune with horse’s physiology.

Regardless of your horse’s job – whether it’s for racing or pleasure – keeping him active with proper nutrition all year long is essential to maintaining his health. Only use veterinarian-approved animal health products, like Equistro, to meet your horse’s unique medical and wellness needs, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.