About Primo Veterinary Medicine LLC

Primo Veterinary is proud to supply high quality health and performance medicines to the UAE

Primo Veterinary Medicine supplies Dubai and the UAE with quality Horse and Camel medicines to promote performance and overall health. Primo only carries the highest quality medicines and feed additives for animals in order ensure optimum results. We have been distributing our products throughout the United Arab of Emirates for years now. Animal health is a passion for all of our staff, from the veterinarians to the teams that supply the medicines to your vets and stables.

Our search for the latest and greatest medicines available for animals has led us to two brands that we are proud to be the sole distributors of. Primo carries Equistro and Vetoquinol and supplies wholesale to stables and veterinary clinics across the UAE. Our product lineups are designed to increase performance in racing and show animals, as well as milk production in camels and cows. We also provide general health medicines such as vaccines, pain relievers, and growth hormones.

Primo Veterinary Medicines LLC
Agent and Distributor of Vetoquinol & Equistro


Primo is the sole distributor of the Equistro lineup of Veterinary Medicines in Dubai and the UAE. Equistro is a European brand that specializes in Equine health and performance. Primo Veterinary Medicine carries the complete lineup of Equistro products that will increase the performance and health of your horses.

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Vetoquinol is a leading brand known around the globe for quality animal health and performance products. Vetoquinol UAE is distributed through Primo Veterinary Medicines across Dubai and the UAE to stables, veterinary clinics, and poultry farms because it is a trusted brand. Developed in the laboratories. tested in the real world, and proven to improve health, Vetoquinol is a must have product for animals owners.

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